Japan’s draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends

On Oct 25, former actress Maya Takagi was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana. The self-described “naturalist” took up residence on Ishigaki island five years ago. Also arrested was Takagi’s male companion, Shigenari Moriyama, who had been actively promoting the use of the weed, praising its effectiveness for anti-aging.
Last July, Takagi went so far as to declare her candidacy as a member of the Japan Renaissance Party, running for a seat in the upper house of the Diet. Her platform included legalization of marijuana for medical use. She was defeated, but voiced her satisfaction that the election helped him “get the word out to lots of people.”
Spa! reports that Takagi and Moriyama have yet to admit to the charges, despite the police confiscating such evidence as enough cannabis sativa to light up 100 times, along with pipes and other used smoking paraphernalia.

Source: newsonjapan.com


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